I have decided to focus a bit on energy. Being a Reiki Master Teacher, I believe I need to get this out there. For a long time I was focused on sending out Reiki to others. I was healing myself and those around me. I was learning. I was awakened with Kundalini. I have been so focused on doing other things with my Reiki that I forgot to teach it. I forgot to tell you what Reiki can do for you. Reiki is two words put together as you may already know just by searching on the internet. I don’t think I need to rehash what is already out there. Ki is Qi or Chi. This is your life energy some would say spirit but it is more than that. Let me explain!

When going through Anatomy and Physiology class for massage, I learned a few things about energy. People are always telling me about how they don’t have the energy for this or they don’t have the energy for that. What does that mean exactly? Energy is what you use to do any type of work or how you put matter into motion. Take lifting a cup. When you lift a cup that is kinetic energy you are using. You are moving an object. You are using energy. Energy doesn’t have any type of mass but it can be measured. Walking takes more energy than sitting which should tell you that energy is used more when you have to do more work. There is also potential energy which is stored. Yes, just like in the battery of your car. When that car is turned on by the key, the batteries potential energy becomes kinetic energy with the ability to place the car in motion.

In Kinesiology and Muscles class, I learned even more about muscles and energy. Did you know that the food you eat gets stored? It does. They call that chemical energy which is a lot like potential energy in that when released we can move something with kinetic energy. Did you know your body creates electrical energy? it does. It is formed by ions which are charged molecules or particles and they move across your cell membranes. It is used as well in your nervous system. When they give you an EEG they are actually looking for this electrical transmition. The other thing I learned is that kinectic energy is mechanical energy. That is any energy used in moving matter.

When your physican asks about your energy level, he/she is more looking at your kinetic energy. Do you have the energy to lift yourself out of bed? You have a ton of potential energy because you are in bed and not moving so you are storing it all up.

Now how does this relate to Reiki? Reiki is a healing tool. When you are trained in Reiki, you learn how to gather in the energy from all life forces so you won’t be using just your own. You feel it move through your body. The electricity of my body sends the healing to the electricity created by your body. We charge up those ions so to speak. In doing so, we all hope (mainly because science hasn’t studied this enough and makes everyone feel like it is magic) that it will affect your lymphatic system allowing your T-Cells and B-Cells and all your other get me to heal fast cells motivated and you out of bed.


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